Welcome to 250 City Road Community

Dear Residents of Islington,

The purpose of this website is to keep you, our neighbours, up to date with all construction activities, charity events, employment opportunities and environmental information. It also provides another line of communication and lets us know how you think we are performing and whether we are being considerate constructors. We are currently in our second year of production in this 10/11 year project and we feel that by giving you a better insight and keeping you up to date will help the project run smoother.

You can use this website to learn about the current processes being undertaken on site and where they are in relation to you. You can also find out about the employment opportunities we have on offer to apprentices, as over the course of the project we are looking for over 60 young local people to come and get hands on experience and develop their skills in construction.

On this website you will also find downloads of our monthly newsletter and information regarding the Considerate Constructors Scheme, including their community questionnaire and details of how we are performing.

Important contact details can be found on the 'Contact Us' page and we have also designed a short questionnaire so that you can tell us how you think we're performing.

We hope that you use this website to its full potential in keeping up to date with our project, however, we operate an 'open-door' policy and you can always come and see us the in the Project Office on Dingley Road.

Thank you

Historical Background of City Road

In November 2014 the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) carried out a watching brief on site to determine whether any heritage assets were contained within the site boundaries. The purpose of the watching brief was to identify whether assets relating to Civil War defences, plague pits and the Regents Canal were present within the area.

We excavated 4 trenches of varying size around areas of the site and the following summary of findings was produced by MOLA.

"The results of the evaluation confirmed that there is overall good survival of archaeological remains in form of horizontal deposits and structural remains within the areas of the trenches. The archaeological remains recorded across the site were predominantly of 18th to 19th century date. These relate to the use of the site as open land and gardens up to the early 19th century and the later industrial development of the site, including the construction of the canal basin from the early 19th century onwards. Small areas of the site also showed evidence for medieval activity. However, no finds or features pre-dating the medieval period were observed in any of the trenches at this stage".

During the excavations, a number of artefacts were found, some of which you can see here, including a number of clay pipes, pottery jugs and plates.

We decided that we wanted to preserve some of the heritage that was once part of the land we are now developing. We excavated part of the city basin wall and have plans to integrate this into 1.4 acres of landscaped gardens.

  • 250 City Road Clay PipeClay Pipe
  • 250 City Road Pottery Plate Pottery plate
  • 250 City Road Pottery Ceramic Pot