Our Commitment to protecting the Environment

At 250 City Road we are committed to protecting the environment when we design, procure and construct our developments. That is why we have developed a strategy call Our Vision which sets out goals to be a world-class business by creating successful sustainable places. We have a number of commitments to ensure we are delivering environmental sustainability and on a construction site level are committed to:

· Reducing Carbon emissions and water consumption from our sites.

· Re-using or recycling at least 90% of construction, demolition and excavation waste.

· Harvesting rainwater for re-use on all developments and incorporating living roofs on all suitable apartment roof spaces.

· Providing information on sustainability to our customers (those being the people that live in the surrounding area we are developing).

· Contributing to the surrounding area by providing apprenticeship opportunities to young people and promoting other employment opportunities to people in the borough of Islington.

On our site we are reducing the impact we have on the environment and improving safety in a number of ways:

Our FORS Commitment

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an industry-led accreditation scheme that aims to promote road freights as a safe and sustainable mode of transportation in a way that supports economic growth and environmental targets whilst helping to improve our quality of life.

At our development we are committed to ensuring our contractors suppliers are a minimum of Silver level accredited. What this means is that we have ensured our contractors are committed to improving road safety and reducing fuel emissions.

Carbon Offsetting Initiatives

A key focus of ours at 250 City Road is to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle of the development. One of the ways in which we have done this is by installing Low Energy Lighting in and around our site which produce 48% less carbon than traditional bulbs. Currently we are recycling 99.9% of all waste from our site. Some of this waste goes to a material recycling facility and material from the bulk excavation work has gone towards a beneficial landfill operation. Once the development is complete we will have provided 1483 new cycle spaces and 24 new TFL bike docking stations in a bid to promote sustainable transport around the borough.

Materials and Supply-Chain

We aim to engage with our supply-chain to ensure the materials and services we use are responsibly sourced. All of the timber that will be used on site is FSC or PEFC certif