Learn About Construction

1. Pile Cap Construction

A pile cap is a concrete mat which sits on top of the bearing piles. The pile caps on this site are prefabricated and lifted into place. Shuttering is then placed around the cap and the concrete is poured. Prior to pouring reinforced bars will be extended above the cap and basement slab level so that the columns can be constructed.

2. Concrete Slab Construction

Construction of the reinforced concrete slab involves hand tying together steel bars to form a mesh. Slabs are poured in sections, therefore, shutters are used to split the areas up. The shutters are installed to allow the steel bars to continue past and the next section of the slab is then fixed and poured.

3. Core Construction

At 250 we are using some offsite prefabrication techniques to construct the superstructure. The building cores are where the lift shafts and stairs are situated. These elements of the building have been prefabricated off site in a factory and are transported to site to be installed. By doing this we are minimising the amount of concrete wagons required and directly reducing carbon emissions.

4. Column Construction

Columns transfer the load of the structure right down to the bearing piles. The basement columns are formed where the bearing piles and pile caps have been constructed. The columns are formed by tying reinforced steel bars to the bars from the pile cap so that the load is directly transferred to the piles. Shuttering is then placed around the bars and is poured to form the column.